Services provides IT-services for professionals in the Fashion industry

DOMAINNAMES 20 euro per year registration
Unlimited Emailforwarding
Unlimited URL forwarding
For original, cuttingedge websites with the newes webtechnologyand extra promotion on our websie.
CLOUD-SHOP with Shopify
Set-up of a shop in the cloud at  Themes, product import, website installation and navigation, payment gateways, course on how to maintain and update your shop.
BANNERS:We develop animated banners

CONSULTING can help you streamline your business on the net and get the full advantage of Cloud-computing.
Our Webshop
Register as a “Vendor” on and sell your stuff to the world. We offer this service only to designers and businesses listed on The only thing required is a valid Paypal Account.
The Vendors decides over the price and gets to keep 85%. holds the money for a period of 2 weeks so people can easely return the items and get refunded. After 2 weeks the sale is final and the Vendor receives the funds via Paypal.
If you should have any question please feel free to contact us

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