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Nilorn is a unique global company with heritage from 1970 with expertise in adding value to brands in the world of labels, packaging, and accessories. We offer complete, creative and tailor-made concepts in the areas of branding, design, product development and logistic solutions.
Our offices and manufacturing bases are located in; Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, Hong Kong and India.
Through European subsidiaries and partners, Nilorn has gained a strong position in the branding industry. In total, Nilorn produces approximately ten million branded labels of various types and sizes each day.
Nilorn offers a complete branding package with emphasis on customer’s image, profile and identity. The product line contains all kind of branding that includes everything from woven labels to packaging and accessories.
Nilorn seeks to strengthen its competitiveness by offering its customers a service comprising complete branding and design facilities to logistic solutions that guarantees reliable and short delivery times. Nilorn is also one of the leading companies in the branding industry in developing and implementing modern and efficient IT-systems. These systems, both internal and external, are used in connection with design operations, production, tagging of goods, monitoring of deliveries and communications.