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Contact: Virginie Morobé
Work Leopold de Waelstraat 37 Antwerpen 2000 BelgiumWork Phone: +32 3 237 60 05Cell Phone: +32 473 85 12 19Cell Phone: +32 468 200 411Website: www.morobeshoes.comWebsite: Online Shop


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MOROBÉ is a Belgian shoe label, based in Antwerp. The brand was established in 2015 by designer Virginie Morobé. She set out to create a luxury label for women who are attracted by contemporary elegance and street couture.
MOROBÉ aims to create dynamic, powerful and feminine collections that empower women to become the very best versions of themselves.
For Virginie her shoe collections are a very direct expression of where she stands in her ongoing personal development. “During my creative process, I remain very aware of my inner self and the things that move me. I trust my gut instinct. I suppose this is the rock and roll side of me. For me, creativity is about never allowing yourself to stand still.”
Virginie  nds inspiration in travel, in connecting with different cultures. “Being creative means getting inspired by everything, everywhere, every time. You have to open your mind and allow yourself to see things differently, to change your perspective. It’s about enjoying life and daring to stand out. This appeals to my bohemian side.”
“I believe an out t should be based on the shoes, not the other way around.”
Virginie Morobé
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Leopold de Waelstraat 37 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium