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Work Belpairestraat 20/5 Antwerp 2600 BelgiumCell Phone: +32 484 10 48 83Website: floramiranda.com/


Open up your mind!

Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Throughout her work the main focus is on the human being, one’s body, senses and perception, performing in an actual or virtual reality. Gradually the designer is taking away all restrictions and practical considerations in fashion towards the real expression of the self and a multi-dimensionally developed personality.

In this sense Flora strives to create deep dreams, desires and motives.

Be extreme to the point of powerlessness!

Flora embraces the experiment as a vehicle towards broadening established standards of craftsmanship and design. Fuelled by a friction of intellectual concepts and intuitive production she is challenging the obsolete idea of high couture and exploring techniques that are detached from design tradition or history.

The world of Flora is extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, exclusive and exciting to revel in mystery and surprise.

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Belpairestraat 20/5 Antwerp 2600 Belgium