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Jennifer Elliot is Belgian-British and born in South-Africa. She grew up in the African bush and still considers Africa her true home, the place where she finds grounding. She currently travels between her home on the Kenyan coast and her base in Antwerp, the stylish city known for diamond and jewellery expertise.

She is the daughter of diamond and jewellery professionals but only recently decided she wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps. It is from them she inherited the passion for gemstones and the dedication to craftsmanship.
Jennifer made it her mission to bring back the tradition of gifting jewellery as a symbol of life’s meaningful moments yet on the conditions of the modern customer.
We sometimes get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to celebrate the moments and the people who mean the most. The wonderful thing about jewellery is that it is the only gift which touches the heart and can be worn close to it every day.
The older Jennifer gets, the more she wants to wear her meaningful classics every day as a touch of sophistication with a special meaning. However, she struggled finding brands which offered uncompromised quality in her contemporary style: refined & classic but with a personal touch. When training to become a certified gemologist, she discovered the fascinating world of gemstones where every piece has an origin and a story, just like we do.

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Pyckestraat 5 Antwerpen 2018 Belgium