BelgianFashion.com is …

a Webshop

Belgianfashion.com offers designers and shopkeepers to sell their goods directly via our website. The only thing you need to do to start selling is to have access to a paypal account and register as a Vendor on our website

a Business Directory

We collect data from companies, designers and lots of other categories of professionals working in the Belgian Fashion industry. If your company is not listed, please register; It’s free !

a News agency

We follow up on the News we find about events related to Belgian Fashion. Feel free to keep us updated than we will do the same for you.

a Website

started in February 2016 by internet-entrepeneur, artist and former shoedesigner Bert Eelen.
check his work on www.eelen.be

BelgianFashion.com offers:


BelgianFashion.com develops and hosts webprojects for professionals in the Fashion industry. Banners, logos, websites, webshops; we offer the full package and help where we can


We offer advice to professionals on Cloud computing and other relevant evolutions in the internet-industry to help their business get better.


BelgianFashion.com reaches out to thousands of fashion-enthousiasts from all over the world. If you would like your company in the picture, please contact us via the contactform







by Bert Eelen

BE 0639 675 408

info [ @ ] belgianfashion [ dot ] com